SEO- The lifeline of internet marketing

What does internet marketing do for my business?

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a small scale business, a well established enterprise or an international conglomerate, you require the services of an expert internet marketer. Internet marketers refine your online marketing strategies and drive hoards of customers onto your online platforms. But these words just scratch the surface of what an SEO agency does for your website. It is a whole bag of tricks and complex executions that require careful analysis and planning. Seo internet marketing services aim towards boosting a website’s online ranking and visibility. To know more, find a full list here.

The various factors of the SEO cycle

Search Engine Optimization comprises several proven methodologies that are deployed to boost, upgrade or maintain a website’s search engine rankings. It is a culmination of several processes that is done by an army of well-trained experts. Take a look at what an SEO cycle will have:


A crawler or spider is a software used by search engines like Google to systematically process a website’s content. Google’s Googlebot in one such software that crawls over webpages and stores them for further processing. It is important to remember that crawlers will not come visiting everyday and they cannot access password-protected pages and images. A crawler’s visit is vital for your website to show up on indexing, which is the next process.


The job of a crawler is to store all the indexed pages in a database that the search engine can access at any time. Providing this access is a crucial SEO function that is done by optimizing the page with relevant keywords and search strings.


There are three types of algorithms-whole site, off-site and on-site. Search engines like Google have their own algorithms which are a set of rules that determine how important a web page is to the engine. Websites and pages that conform to those rules do well on the search engine rankings.

Methodologies of an SEO agency

  • Website development is one of the main strategies of SEO. From optimizing page loading speed, mobile responsiveness, content, and technical audits to fine-tuning a site with new technologies, web developers of an SEO team do it all.
  • Social media marketing provides a prolific platform which provides the website with natural backlinks. Social media marketing is an excellent SEO strategy that generates interest amongst a strong customer base by keeping them engaged and informed.
  • Online reputation management or ORM is another fine tactic that leverages search visibility by building online brand awareness.
  • An expert SEO team will guide you with the know-how of using paid search strategies to garner organic traffic. SEO teams can derive amazing results by optimizing landing pages and keyword plans.
  • Content is an SEO strategy that has the potential to underline brand authority and leverage customer conversion and retention. SEO teams deliver content that has strategically used keywords, topics and blogs.

A successful SEO agency will change its strategies to go with the flow of the search engines. SEO implementations should be primed and ever-ready to compete with search engine updates. It is imperative that you team up with the right SEO company that will deliver more than what you require.